Abraham took wood for the burnt offering and placed it upon Isaac his son, and he took fire and a sword in his hands, and together they went off. Isaac himself carries the wood for his own holocaust: this is a figure of Christ. For he bore the burden of the cross, and yet to carry the wood for the holocaust is really the duty of the priest. He is then both victim and priest. This is the meaning of the expression: together they went off. For when Abraham, who was to perform the sacrifice, carried the fire and the knife, Isaac did not walk behind him, but with him. In this way he showed that he exercised the priesthood equally with Abraham. – Origen 


Isaac (Genesis 22)


Only son of promise (v. 2)

Only begotten of Father (John 3:16)

To be sacrificed in Moriah (v. 2)

Sacrificed in Jerusalem (2 Chron. 3:1)

Considered dead by father for three days (v. 4)

Dead for three days (1 Cor. 15:3-4)

Carried wood for his own sacrifice (v. 6)

Bore his own cross (John 19:17-18)

Submitted willingly to father (vv. 6, 8)

Submitted willingly to Father (Matt. 26:39)

Raised from altar, his life spared by the power of God

Raised from the dead by the power of God (Rom. 6:4)


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