JCC Feast Day [Arts and Crafts Assignment]

Dear students,

As part of our parish feast day at JCC, each class will be setting up a booth for exhibition. Our class has been assigned sacred vessels and vestments.

Here are the project guidelines:

STEP 1: Choose Sacred Vessel or Vestment (first come, first serve basis).
You may email me your choice or inform me during class.


STEP 2: Make the Item using any art / recyclable materials e.g. modelling clay, manilla card, old cloth, string, water colour, gold paper, etc etc. BE CREATIVE!


STEP 3: Each item must be accompanied by a write up / information explaining what it is used for, and if it symbolises anything (information may be printed on A4 paper / Colours paper or written). Make sure it is big enough to read and presentable. You may want to print it big and stick it on Manila cardboard.


STEP 4: Submit your work to the class teacher. DEADLINE: 4th June 2017  

Working guidelines:

  1. You may work alone, or in a group (2 – 4 members in a group).
  2. If you are working alone, you only need to make ONE item + Write up.
  3. If working in group make AT LEAST TWO items.
  4. Bonus marks will be allocated to students who complete and participate in this project.
  5. Have fun making them!


Mr. Jeremy



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